The WORST Food to Eat If You Want a Flat Belly

I get a lot of questions from my readers about what I think is the absolute WORST food of all time.

Is it Twinkies? Maybe McDonald’s French fries? Biscuits and gravy? Soft drinks stuffed with high fructose corn syrup? Lard? Cheese-stuffed crust on a meat lovers pizza? (Really? We need cheese in the crust, too?)

Hmm … although all of these foods are at the top of my “bad” list, they aren’t the WORST.

Nope. The worst food ever is … drum roll please … any food that you can’t stop

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A Fruit That Burns Belly Flab

I was sitting in our local coffee shop sipping on a double espresso reading a health magazine, when I ran across an article about the natural sugars in fruit.

Bascially, the author was saying you should NEVER eat fruit when you’re trying to drop pounds.


This person obviously hadn’t been reading the latest research papers…probably because they can be incredibly boring.


Luckily, I find them fascinating because I read that new scientific evidence shows a grapefruit

A Fruit That Burns Belly Flab …

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FIFTEEN foods that KILL belly fat FAST [Special Report]

I’ve got TWOspecial belly-fat-burning gifts for you today… and you will get them BOTH at the special link below if you act quickly…

GIFT #1: A 40-page special report from top nutritionist and friend Josh Bezoni. In the report, Josh reveals his 15 BEST belly-blasting foods and he also exposes several so-called “healthy” foods that, believe it or not, actually INCREASE abdominal fat storage (yikes)!This report gives away more flab-slashing secrets than many programs I’ve reviewed… you’ll

FIFTEEN foods that KILL belly fat FAST

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Gain Muscle Without Fat Using These Unique Tips

Are you looking a way to gain muscle without fat? Of course you are! Aren’t we all?

Let’s face it: ANYBODY can build muscle (that’s easy), but the question is can you do it WITHOUT piling on a bunch
of unattractive fat and ruining your health and physique in the process?

Most experts would say “Gaining fat is a necessary evil to building muscle…”

Wrong! Unless you’re using ELEMENTARY methods.

Here are 5 new strategies I learned to gain muscle without fat from muscle

Gain Muscle Without Fat

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Last Day to Save 25% on Prograde Metabolism

I just had to get this urgent message about the Prograde Metabolism Sale out to you.

My partners over at Prograde Nutrition have just informed me they will be ending their sale on Prograde Metabolism TONIGHT at 11:59 pm EST.

Now, they have also told me due to overwhelming demand they may have to end the sale even earlier.

You see, Prograde Metabolism is SPECIFICALLY designed to work in conjunction with a sound fitness and nutrition plan and because it’s January they’re almost out

Prograde Metabolism Sale

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Cyber Sunday means a LEANER Monday

Quick link —> Less Than 24 Hours Left For $5 Books: Jon’s Insane $5 Sale

I got an email today from fitness author Jon Benson. He said:

“I never even HEARD of Cyber Sunday or Cyber Monday until today… Guess I need to get out more!”

You’ll be GLAD he finally caught on…

Jon’s Insane $5 Sale <— Less Than 24hrs Left (click)

Everything on that page is 5 MEASLY BUCKS! It’s normally $47 per item.

Talk about a SALE!


Jon recorded a FREE audio that includes

Jon Benson Fitness Sale …

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Can You Really Lose Fat and Build Muscle at the SAME Time?


If you want to lose fat and build muscle at the same time (who doesn’t?), then…

1. Go to this page: Lose Fat and Build Muscle

2. Download the free “Lose Fat & Gain Muscle” MP3 audio and PDF report.

It really has some great information.

I think the page will only be up for 48 hours, so go there now if you can.

It’s by Tom Venuto and it shows you a scientifically proven system to achieve the “Holy Grail” of fitness goals:

Gaining Muscle and losing fat – AT THE SA

Lose fat and build muscle …

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Delicious Sirloin Steak Recipe

I’ve been looking for a good sirloin steak recipe for long time. I finally found one that is quick, easy to make, healthy and delicious…all of the things I look for when searching for a recipe.

You see…we eat a lot of lean proteins in our house, especially grass-fed pasture-raised beef from a local farmer. This guy cares about his animals, only raises a few at a time for friends and family, and does not use growth hormones, antibiotics and other nasty stuff you find in commercial factory

sirloin steak recipe …

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Preview The New 7-Minute Muscle

Fitness pro Jon Benson has been keeping a secret…

But don’t hate him… there was good reason.

Go see (limited time only) =>> The NEW 7 Minute Muscle Video

Here’s what he kept secret… even from me! …

The 7 Minute Muscle Phase 2 Workout Videos with Vince DelMonte

The reason? He gave them out only to the most serious folks: Pro trainers, athletes, magazine writers, and as special VIP bonuses…

But that ends as of today.

TODAY you can cut in line before his ent

7 Minute Muscle Video …

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The Skinny on Fats

Let’s get this one out in the open:

Fats do not make you gain bodyfat.

Fats do not put you on Heart Attack Row.

Fats are not the enemy.

We’ve been sold a bag of lies when it comes to fats.

Fats are essential for your body’s hormone production, skin health, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and even burning bodyfat. Yep… you need fats to burn fat!
Studies have been conducted to attempt to elevate cholesterol levels using high-fat diets. Most all of them have f

Healthy Fats …

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